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Pests can really interfere with your life. Call us today to get great pest control in Calgary and all surrounding areas.



Need a pest control service?

Martin’s Pest Control is always ready to help. If you need an exterminator for any type of pest control. Call us today! We have top notch equipment and people. Our phones are answered by a local person. We can do all types of pest control, for mice,ants,bedbugs,roaches etc.

Welcome to 2016

Well the winter is settled in, and we are being bombarded by calls about a mice. The mice here in Calgary have been reproducing fast, and show no signs of slowing. Remember the best way to stop  mice is by calling us early, to help you stop the problem quickly. Mice reproduce at a very high rate , so if you wait ,it will only take longer to eradicate them. Call us today at 403 460 7213

Winter Pest Issues Are Here

Well ,we have had our first snow fall , and we are receiving many calls about mice. We like to educate our customers on pest prevention. Call us today to discuss prevention options , and do not wait until the mice find you. Calgary has been having a large pest control problem with mice this year.

Mice Season

We are now getting many calls for mice here in the Calgary region.  Please remember if you have mice in your house now, they have been there for a while. Usually one or two mice enter and then after they reproduce, you start to see them.  First way to prevent this is to keep all food in rodent proof containers. Call us for more information

Animals are moving inside

We are fielding many calls right now for animals living in homes. Birds in vents, oigeons under eaves, squirrells in the attic. My advice, is to get it dealt with asap. The longer the stay there, the more damage that is done. Call us at 403 460 7213 for details.

2015 is here !


Welcome to 2015. Once again we are ready to service our pest control customers in Calgary and area. We are still fielding many calls for bedbugs and for cockroaches and mice.


Wasps In Calgary

Well folks after another hard winter, the wasps are out in full force. Do be careful opening barbecues and outside cupboards for the first time. There are a lot of wasps out there again.  Call Martin’s Pest Control in Calgary at 403 460 7213 and we will be there to help you right away. Trust in a family owned member of the BBB today. We serve all of Calgary and outlying areas.




Voles are Everywhere

If you live in Calgary, you have probably been affected by voles. Well, have no fear, there are ways to repair and prevent the damage.  Having a healthy lawn is certainly a great start. However, a pest prevention program, will really save you a lot of work in the long run, as voles can cause a lot of trouble . Call us today and we can help

Spring Pest Issues

As spring comes along and the snow finally shows , many people will start to see holes in the lawn and small trails . These problems are started by voles and other mice.Give us a call and we can help you to put a stop to those problems.

Winter Pest Issues

Winter can be a quieter time of the year for pest activity or so you may believe. Many people are travelling south for the winter and may return with unwanted visitors. Other people  could be hosting pests that they are completely unaware of. Some of these pests such as mice,squirrels,bedbugs,roaches,ants are still working away in your home or business.  Often you do not realize it until you get strange noises, or bites. Have a professional pest control company help you , by performing preventative inspections, prior to the heavy pest season, can actually save you money , before the problem gets out of control. Call us for more information.

Hole chewed in roof

Hole chewed in roof


Fall is in the air and mice are in the house.

Well folks, it is once again time to start thinking about mice in your house. Mice can find a hole in your house the size of a pencil. Many of our residential clients are already protected with our Personalized Prevention Program, as we are their eyes and watch out so you don’t have to hear that scratchy noise in your walls in the middle of the night and find your pantry a disaster zone. Remember, we care for what bugs you. Most people are so busy these days, inspecting their property for mice is low on the priority list. Give us a call today .