Deena G.

I am a first time customer with Martin’s and I am very impressed with your company.  Both Bill and Jason were so friendly, informative and generous with their knowledge.  I have an extreme fear of rodents and I now feel like this part of my homeowner tasks has been lifted off with your annual program.  I feel confident that I no longer have to deal with this issue again and that Martin’s will be there to handle all my pest needs.Thanks so much.

Melissa V.W.

We are very happy with Martin’s Pest control.  I called and got Bill on the phone right away.  He was over to our house within a couple of hours and treated our front step area which had Yellow Jacket wasps AND carpenter bees!  We bought the house in the fall, and they must have been hibernating for the winter, and then when the weather finally warmed up, they all came to life and seemed to multiply overnight!  We have two young children, so obviously we were concerned for them, and ourselves. By the time I was home from work a few hours later, there was no sign of anything flying around in that area.
Please feel free to share my comments with your future customers.  We will definitely use your services again if we have a need.

Margi M.

We found Martin to be thorough and professional. He was friendly and explained what he was doing which we appreciated.
Take care.

Ignacio S.

was not there when this guy showed up (I have the card but don’t remember his name right now), but he explained everything to my wife.
After doing an evaluation of our house, placed the mice devices and gave us the recommendations that we have followed. and a few days after we no longer noticed the presence of mice inside our house. we are very happy with your company.
Thanks again!

Sherry R.

Loved the service I received.
They came promptly when I had a wasp issue.
Tech was friendly and informative.
I have your fridge magnet on my fridge and will certainly be a repeat customer.
Highly recommend them!

Chris A.

Martins Pest control was terrific. They came quickly and when the wasps refused to leave, they came back a second time with in a couple of hours of my call.
You guys are great.
Thanks a lot.
There always a negative to every story. In our case our mail man is now moving much more slowly when he delivers the mail. When the wasps were there it was in and out immediately.

Shelley W.

My experience was excellent!! I phoned first thing in the morning and you arrived right after lunch. The yellow jackets were gone within an hour of treatment. the service was prompt, effective and courteous. Will call you again if required.
Thank you so much!!

Alan T.

I was very happy with the fast dependable service received.

Emilio R.

Perfect work, thanks so much

Chris P.

Yes. Our experience with Martin’s Pest Control was good. The wasps are gone!

Loren M.

I am a resident manager in Mission in Calgary and deal with tons of contractors and various companies for all kinds of work. As a Calgarian for the past 30 years I have found customer service is diminishing and good customer service is almost impossible to find. I asked a few friends about who to use for wasp nest removal as we had 4 nests form after the flood in and around the house. Paul Basi said he dealt with Martin through advertising at the Calgary Herald and said he was a nice guy and to call him. If i hear a company has nice people they are the first ones I support.

Martin’s was by far the friendliest, efficient and effective I have dealt with. I think the gentleman that helped me was named Tyler (please double check your records so the right person gets the credit). He was polite and friendly on the phone and talked to me like a real person. He went out the day I called (in between other clients) and got rid of wasp nests for me. He made it easy for me as I was stuck at work all day so he just went out and did the work and took payment over the phone which was very convenient for my busy lifestyle. I will recommend Martin’s to everyone who asks and appreciate how you run your business.

Carol C.

I am very happy with the service Jason provided. I would recommend Martin’s for sure.

Echo K.

We were very happy with the prompt and courteous service we received this summer with our wasp problem. I had made the mistake of plugging the hole where the nest was on the outside of the house and when I talked to Bill he told me to evacuate the house or unplug it because they were now going to find a way into the house and we would be over run by wasps in the house. He also said he was going to have to come over right away instead of in a few days.
I made the decision to unplug the hole, albeit a very tense scary situation with the wasps flying around me.
I put on a leather coat, pants, balaclava and proceeded to take the tape off the hole that I had put there only a half hour earlier and phone Bill back to let him know I had done it. They had started to swarm the hole and were mad all over the yard.

Bill said he was still going to come over that day in he came like the Calvary rectifing the situation. Needless to say we were more then happy to pay whatever it was going to cost and found the price very very reasonable considering what it could have been had I not unplugged the hole.

Thanks Bill once again from saving us from utter disaster and an even higher exterminator bill. I have recommended you to all my friends and have given them all very sensible advice from Bill which is NOT to plug the wasp hole if you find one.

Cynthia M.

This was the first time I used your services, and I was really happy. the fellow showed up on very short notice on a Saturday to rid us of a large wasps’ nest in a tricky spot inside an outside pot light . He did a great job, the wasps did not return all summer. I have recommended you to friends.

Vanessa C.

We have not had a sighting or any droppings since the day your rep came in. We are very pleased with the results.
Thank you,


We have been singing the praises of our MPC experience to friends and neighbours. I was pleasantly surprised to have such a quick response/service appt. the very next day for a serious wasp nuisance that had involved a trip to the vet for our small dog and pre-emptive barquing! The technician was friendly, very knowledgeable, and answered all sorts of questions related to our yard/landscaping. The nest was removed quickly and safely and we were delighted with the result.
I will say it was relatively expensive given the length of time required, but in terms of value received, it was fair, and we are satisfied. Will definitely call MPC again for any other pests that have the audacity to call our house HOME!

Kay J.

Was happy with the job you did—especially that you didn’t charge when having to come back as the wasps nest was bigger them thought.

Angie P.

Dear Martin’s Pest:
We were very impressed with your service. The turn around time to come to our place was exceptional. I was happy with the service that Jason did. He even said I could tex him if the problem continued, which it did. He came back to my home 3 times.
Thanks for your professional work and making us feel at ease.
I would definitely use your business again if any pest problems arise.

Mrs. D.A. F.

Quick response, fast and effective.
Reasonable price.

Carmen and Wilf H.

We were very pleased with the prompt response to our request. We live in Edmonton so we were unable to enjoy the results but our real estate agent who was handling the sale of the rental property was impressed that the listing could go forward so quickly because the wasp nest was exterminated within a day of his request.
Many thanks for a job well done.

Wade N.

Speedy, knowledgeable staff who do the job right and follow-up when necessary with a second application.
Keep up the good work

Ann C.

I was very happy with the Service.
I was a little freaked out the next day because the area the fellow sprayed close to the house in one corner, which I knew was the source of the Ant problem, had flying Ants by the hundreds coming out from the Foundation. I figured it was because we had disturbed their domain. All I had was some Wasp spray so I sprayed them and that seem to stop that quick. Haven’t had any issues since.
Very Happy,

Judy W.

As you know I had 2 visits from your company to spray my foundation which I am sure you know is not an easy task. I just hope they got the Queen and this won’t happen again next year. But over the years in this house I have had a multitude of wasp nests all over my house and will definitely call you next year in wasp season and recommend you to neighbours and friends.

James and Kim W.

I want to say thank you thank you thank you.. Without you trusting of a postponed payment and coming within a few days I don’t know what I would have done.. The service was wonderful and very informative!! Thank you again for everything!! You will be the first ones I will call if the need ever arises again!!

Suzanne C.

I am very happy with your company’s service. I found the technician to be very knowledgeable and friendly. Please feel free to call upon myself if you require a reference.

Betti W.

Your employee Jason was amazing and very helpful.
I will recommend your company to everyone. Great service and he deserves a raise.

Toni M.

We were very satisfied with the work. It was a very large bald-faced
hornet nest about 20 feet up.
No issues since.

Simon O. Harris

The service was good overall. Your specialist was professional, thorough, polite, accommodating & informative. Although the initial treatment didn’t succeed in eradicating the bumble-bees, he came back, as promised, to provide another treatment. At this juncture we are satisfied, having not encountered any more of those large bees in the house.

Brock W.

We have used your services twice now and have been very satisfied with your responses.
I have recommended your services to 2 others who have also now used your services.
Thank you.

Eric C.

We were very satisfied with the results of your efforts and
equally impressed with the prompt service. We would
definitely recommend you to others. Thank you again

Rick J.

The service you provided was excellent. Your tech was very professional and a genuinely nice guy. He had to return to hit the wasp nest once more but that did the trick. Rest assured you will get any other service I may need and will definitely recommend you to friends.
Thank You

Greg B.

I was really happy with the service I received from Martin’s Pest Control. I was very happy with the quick response and that my hornet’s nest problem was fully resolved. I’d definitely call on you guys again if I have a similar problem.

Sheri A.

Service from Martin’s Pest control was excellent. When I called it was answered promptly and I was given a quote and assured that someone could be dispatched that day to deal with our large wasp nest. As promised I received a call back with a time for the service and the fellow was right on time. Had the nest taken care of right away and was very friendly when we chatted and processed payment at the door. No issues at all, everything went smoothly, would not hesitate to recommend Martins or use again in the future.

Catherine G. L.

I was very pleased with the service we received. Our tenant was experiencing a problem. She met with your employee and was quite comfortable. Payment was not made at the time as it was my responsibility. An invoice was emailed. All in all, everything was very professional and I definitely would use your service again if needed. Thank you

Mark R.

My experience with Martin’s Pest Control was a positive one. The organization responded to my request quickly and the work was completed within days. The issue/problem was resolved.
I referred Martin’s Pest Control to a neighbour who is experiencing the same problem I had.
I would use the services of Martin’s Pest Control again.

Monique C.

Thanks….everything is good….I have not seen a sign of my critter (porcupine)

Jim B.

First of all I want to thank your team; #1 for responding so quickly (same day within hours), and most importantly #2 dealing with our hornet issue. Jason handled the issue professionally and quickly, the issue has been resolved.

Thanks you and should we need your services again we will definitely call you.

Howard M.

We had a problem with bee’s getting into a wall cavity through the fireplace vent. I called Martin’s Pest Control and after one visit it appears the problem is eliminated. We are very happy with the service and results. I was also pleased to find out the work is guaranteed for a year.

Dan M.

We were very happy with the service rendered by your service tech. The poison acted as he said it would. No re-infestations since… at least not in the same spot. Unfortunately we did find another nest in our yard later that same day. Your service tech was courteous and professional. Martin Pest Control will be the number we call should we ever need extermination services again.

Derek K. & Family

Our experience was great.  The service was great, and the follow-up questions I had were answered and taken care of. We would recommend Martin’s to others as everything was taken care of in a professional and expeditious manner.

Thanks again!