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Are you are having issues with pests in your home or business? We get the struggle and can help rid you of those pesky critters. Martin’s Pest Control is one of the leading extermination and pest control companies in Calgary, but did you know we also have a location in Airdrie?

Our Airdrie location provides the same quality service as our Calgary location. Day or night, we can get you the help you need to get rid of unwanted pests fast. You can reach our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Why Choose Martin's For Quality Pest Control?

Our pest control technicians offer a range of services so your pest problem can become a thing of the past. Whether you are dealing with bed bugs, mice, roaches, or anything in between, our licensed and certified technicians can help you fix the problem.

Each of our Airdrie pest control technicians has the skills to identify the pest and get to the root of the issue. Not every pest is the same. They need to be dealt with differently to make sure they stay gone and you can go on with your day worry-free. Not sure what kind of critter is taking over your home or business? We developed our own pest guide to help you correctly identify your pest.

We take the same approach when first attending a home or business. This allows us to quickly assess the problem and from there create a customizable plan specific to your home or business.

Our ‘Personalized Protective Program’, aka P3 approach, acts as a guide for our technicians. We base it on numerous factors including pest type and entry points. The following two factors allow us to decipher how to treat the problem and give you a pest-free environment once more.

First Factor: Knowing What Pest You Have

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We Offer A Range Of Services To Deal With Every Type Of Airdrie Pest:

  • Mouse Control —  To Rid You Of Alberta’s Two Most Common Critters, The Deer Mouse & The House Mouse.
  • Insect Control — To Rid You Of Spiders, Bees, Ants, Centipedes, Moths, Roaches, Beetles, Fleas, Flies, Hornets, & More.
  • Bird Control — For Pigeons & Other Winged Wildlife That Are Messing With Your Home Or Business.
  • Rodent Control — To Make Sure No Bats, Rats, Gophers, & Bigger Rodents & Vermin Such As Skunks & Raccoons Stop Coming Around Your Door.

Second Factor: The Point Of Entry

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How these pests are getting in will determine what action needs to be taken to stop them from entering again. Homes and businesses often have many vulnerable cracks that can form over time. This is why our Airdrie pest control technicians will need to complete a full inspection to make sure you are being protected.

The Next Step: Getting The Proper Treatment To Eradicate The Pest Problem

Whether you need structural pest control, exterior rodent control, landscape pest control which includes trees & shrubs, fumigation structure, or grain exterior rodent control we can assess the situation and decide how to direct our team. We use the best technology and equipment for the task at hand to ensure our clients only receive the best and friendliest service.

Once the job is done, we clean up so you can almost forget those troublesome pests were ever there to begin with. We believe in giving you full professional service in a world where so many are cutting corners. At Martin’s Pest Control we have built a loyal following based on our integrity and relationships!

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Whether these pests are bugging you at home or work, Martin’s can get the job done. We offer quick, efficient and friendly pest control services in Alberta. We deal with residential pest control, commercial pest control, and fumigation. Including everything from urgent emergency pest control services, to inspection, and reliable maintenance packages.

Not only do we service Calgary alongside our Airdrie office, we also provide pest control services to Balzac, Okotoks, Chestermere, Strathmore, Cochrane, and more!

Call us today to talk to a specialist about getting rid of your pest problem!

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How To Buy & Store Pesticides At Home

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The best way homeowners can control pests around their homes is to be knowledgeable about the various insects and animals who like to invite themselves in. Once you know the commons pests in your area, remove the things that might tempt them to move in.

Benjamin Franklin said, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ This axiom is especially true for pests around your home.

Tips For Pest Prevention:

  • Keep Plants & Lawns Healthy & Watered To Prevent Pest Infestations.
  • Eliminate Debris From Areas Inside & Outside The Home.
  • Keep Things Clean Inside The Home.
  • Remember To Store Food In Sealed Containers.
  • Check Pets Weekly & Take Care Of Their Coat.

But What Happens When Prevention Methods Don't Work?

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The immediate response is to go to the hardware store and purchase something that will catch or kill pests. Homeowners need to take a second to do some research before grabbing those keys.

Gather some information about pesticide products for home use and the pest you are looking to control. You can use that information to purchase the right product.

Here Are A Few Things To Consider:

Pest Description

Many species of insects look alike, and some are beneficial and not a pest. If you capture one and take it with you, the employee certified for pesticide sales will help you with identification, or you can snap a picture and send it to a knowledgeable pest removal company for identification.

Where Is It Located?

Is the pest in outside areas where pets and children play? Do you need special equipment to reach and apply the product? Does it prefer a particular plant or food source?

pests on food
What Are Its Life Stages & Breeding Time?

The life stage is important as sometimes the product has to be applied to the larvae instead of the mature insect. The breeding turn around time will tell you the frequency of the application needed to eliminate the evil spawn.

What Are The Season & Weather Considerations Involved?

Some pests like moist conditions and others have a particular season where pesticide application is most effective. Knowing this information will help you find the right treatment for your problem.

Should I Be Worried About Using Pesticides?

There are regulations in place to protect consumers using pesticides, provided they follow the proper application and storage methods for pesticide use.

Health Canada certifies what pesticides are healthy and safe for use in Canada. They give the product an EPA number that confirms approval for use in Canada. The EPA number should be on the label of the products you buy.

Grey Areas

Some people may purchase products over the internet, and not all products used in the USA are allowed here. There are about 250 products restricted from use in Canada. One common product is neem oil. Some gardeners feel that neem oil is effective in repelling garden pests.

Province to Province

Each province has the authority to regulate and prohibit the use of pesticides in their areas.

Alberta is one of two provinces in Canada that does not legislate or ban pesticides. It does have rules about the sales, handling, and use of pesticides in the province. Pesticide application courses are leading to certifications for anyone providing a service or selling pesticides in Alberta.

Certified To Do The Job

It is good to check if the technician applying pesticides in your area is certified. Multi-family dwellings, daycares, nursing homes, and hospitals require a certified pesticide operator to use pesticides in those locations. The hardware stores are also required to have one employee with pesticide certification, and they may be a resource if you have questions about the products they carry.
Talking to a professional technician from a reputable company like Martin’s Pest Control can also guide you to some safe products to buy.

Read The Label

In the store, pay attention to the labeling because warnings are there for a purpose.

Many of the products have ingredients that, if not used and stored correctly, can be a danger to yourself, family, pets, and neighbours. For example, some rodenticides have ingredients that cause copious bleeding because they stop blood from clotting. Oddly enough, one product used to kill mice and rats developed into a substance used to treat human illnesses.
This development does not mean all products are safe!

When looking at the product label, pay special attention to words like danger, warning, and caution. Caution is less harmful than those items labeled with a warning. Danger means they are poisonous and harmful to contact. If these words are on the label, it signifies some ingredients need special application procedures and storage considerations.

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Types Of Pesticides

There are many types of products to buy, so your research comes in handy to identify the right product for your situation.

spraying pesticide
  • Disinfectants & Germicides-Used To Clean Areas & Eliminate Bacteria Left Behind By The Pests.
  • Fungicides-Used Remove Mildew & Fungal Spores.
  • Herbicides-Used On Invasive Plants To Remove Diseased Stumps & Plant Diseases.
  • Insecticides-Kill Or Repel Insects, Mites & Ticks.
  • Rodenticides-To Repel, Trap & Kill Rodents.
  • Wood Treatments & Preservatives. These Deal With Insects & Fungi In Wood.

Information Breakdown

There are thick manuals and websites with a breakdown of what is in the different types of pesticides.

It is the smart homeowner that takes precautions. There are about 6,000 cases of pesticide poisonings in Canada each year. It is wise to be careful and take the time to read the instructions before applying. Using the suggested breathing mask, application tank, gloves, disposable overalls will help protect you during application.

Know The Dangers
Educate your family about any dangers associated with the use of the pesticide. Keep pets inside or place them in their carry cage until it is safe to let them out. Place protective barriers so they cannot get into toxic traps.

If someone needs help after exposure to pesticides, call the Alberta poison control centre at 1-800-332-1414. They will ask you the patient’s name, gender, weight, if they have eaten anything, the amount swallowed, exposure time, and details from the container or label.

Educate your family about any dangers associated with the use of the pesticide. Keep pets inside or place them in their carry cage until it is safe to let them out. Place protective barriers so they cannot get into toxic traps.

If someone needs help after exposure to pesticides, call the Alberta poison control centre at 1-800-332-1414. They will ask you the patient’s name, gender, weight, if they have eaten anything, the amount swallowed, exposure time, and details from the container or label.

Storage Of Pesticides

locked shed, storing pecticides

The safe storage of pesticide products is one area where homeowners are often negligent. Try to buy only as much as you need and use it up—secure pesticides out of the reach of children. Lock them in a cabinet or shed. Some of the pesticides can be flammable, so don’t store them close to furnaces, or BBQs.

Do not pour remnants down the drain or store where they might contaminate water supplies. Don’t store near food or animal feed. Place used containers in the hazardous waste bin, not in your household garbage.

Here are a couple of free downloads on homeowners pesticide use:
The EPA Citizens Guide To Pest Control and Pesticide Safety &
What Gardeners Should Know About Pesticides

If you want more information, or to have someone to come to your home and handle the pest problems, give Martins Pest Control a call. We’re here to take care of what bugs you.

Cockroach Infestation On The Rise In Alberta

Cockroach infestation

Recently another residential building hit the news about a cockroach infestation.

Calgary Housing Management (CHM) oversees the complex and stated that control technicians have been treating the complex once a week, trying to exterminate the roaches. According to the news reports, they have been trying to address this problem for over one year. The problem is that once cockroaches become established, it is very hard to control the problem.

Why Do We See This In The News?

There have been several reports of cockroach problems all over the province, and people wonder why sightings are increasing. These types of infestations used to be rare. In warmer areas, it is a regular occurrence.

There could be several factors behind the increase of cockroaches being found in Calgary and Canada.

One factor is that Global warming is creating new vacation spots for the cockroaches with warmer, moist weather trends. Another is an increase in global trade and travel, which are allowing the cockroaches to hitch a ride in containers, or with goods, produce, and boxes.

Often people will wait too long to reach out to a pest control company. Just killing the cockroaches you see won’t resolve the problem. Cockroaches avoid the light. They collect and breed in swarms in dark corners behind walls, in furniture, in laundry rooms, and basements. They tend to gather near water, so if you have a leaky pipe, they will also loiter there.

Do It Yourself Doesn't Always Do The Trick

Some of the over the counter products used to catch and kill cockroaches are sticky traps, desiccants (diatomaceous earth or silica aerogel), or boric acid. There are also liquid or aerosol insecticidal sprays (e.g., pyrethrum, permethrin, etc.).

Using hardware store products like roach motels and over the counter pesticide spray may help. Still, by the time you set up your trap and catch some, they may have multiplied beyond control. It is better to get a professional exterminator like Martin’s Pest Control to deal with a cockroach infestation.

Cockroach infestation extermination tent

Call An Exterminator

Professional pest treatment technicians use commercial pesticides, commercial vacuums, specialized chemical formulas, extermination dust, smoke, aerosol sprays, bait and traps, and repellants to eliminate cockroach populations. Pest control and extermination technicians are trained in proper application methods and know treatment schedules. They can also monitor the effectiveness of the treatment to update owners or tenants as to eradication measures.

What About Your Neighbors?

If other tenants or neighbours are calling exterminators, you might want to get an assessment and pool resources to eliminate them from the entire area. If detected in another suite in an apartment complex or a commercial bay, it is highly likely you will find them shortly in your own space.

Stop The Spread

By law, landlords are responsible for ensuring that their tenants live and work in a safe environment. Sometimes they leave the problem to long by just throwing a few traps around.
There are many reasons owners, landlords, managers, and tenants need to deal with infestations of cockroaches quickly:

cleaning the home to avoid a cockroach infestation
  • Roaches are bad for business. Customers associate cockroaches with poor maintenance and unclean premises, even if there are other reasons cockroaches showed up at your door.
  • They contaminate foodstuffs and merchandise and leave unpleasant odours in their wake. 
  • They spread disease, and they can exacerbate asthma. 
  • To keep work and home spaces safe for family, employees & customers
  • Health inspectors can shut down your business because cockroaches pose a health risk.
  • To help eradicate cockroaches from the Calgary area and Alberta
  • They are just plain creepy.

Roach Rescue - Here Are The Facts

The most common cockroach in Alberta is the German cockroach, which lay egg sacs with approximately 50 eggs that hatch in one month. They are mature at about three months, reproduce again, and die at six months.

So from one cockroach, you could have 2,500 climbing about the house in three months. Allowing them to breed for an additional two months before they die. Once established, cockroaches are difficult to control. 

  • In fact, if you cut off cockroaches’ heads, they can still live for a week and only die because they can’t drink water. 
  • They can hold their breath for 30 minutes underwater. 
  • They can live without food for over a month 
  • They are also fast, which makes them challenging to catch. 

A cockroach can move at three miles per hour. That is about as quickly as the walk between your house and the local convenience store.

Favourite Hiding Spots

During the day, they like to hide in dark, moist areas like bathrooms, around plumbing fixtures, under cabinets, behind baseboards, in cracks and crevices near their food supply, under flooring and under or inside appliances.

They like company and congregate in swarms. A study in the U.S.A. found cockroaches like to keep to one area. So if you chase them out, they might move into garages or to the next-door neighbour’s place.

leaky pipe, cockroach habitat

Cockroaches stay up late and are more active at night. You can catch them by surprise by quickly turning on lights or using a flashlight.

The trifecta of living conditions for them is heat, moisture, and food.

Living Coniditions

Oddly enough, one of their favourite hiding spots is where you store your plastic bags. They eat cardboard, bindings of books, the starch in ceiling boards, and their cast-off carcass. Furthermore, they will eat their dead brethren, fresh blood, and dried excrement. Reports even have them dining on finger and toenails of babies, sick and older adults.

You are inviting them as houseguests if you leave out dirty dishes and don’t sweep up food crumbs. They leave waste trails leading back to where they swarm. The waste has a pheromone that other cockroaches can smell and they take it as an invitation to party.

crumbs attracting cockroaches


There are some tips to help make your environment undesirable to cockroaches.

  • Establish a regular maintenance schedule for a deep clean. 
  • Encourage employees and family members to clean up food spills immediately. 
  • Keep areas clean and inspect behind furniture and appliances as part of the cleaning routine. Exterminators say that most restaurants do keep visible areas clean. Cockroaches set up shop in areas that trap grease and food, like behind and under cooking equipment.  
  • Empty the garbage regularly. Keep outside garbage bins away from the wall and tightly seal containers. 
  • Caulk around baseboards, electrical switches and outlets, and in cupboard cracks.
  • Remedy small plumbing leaks, so you don’t give cockroaches an easy water source.
  • Make it harder for them to find water, food, and hide.
  • Use cold or heat treatments for small appliances if they become infested.
man fixing cracks to deter cockroaches

Cockroaches in Calgary are never fun to deal with. If you think you might have a problem, reach out to the team at Martin’s Pest Control. We will create a pest control plan tailored to your property and eradicate the problem. 

How To Hire The Right Pest Control Company

Matrin's Pest Control owner Bill Martin

Start With Research

When hiring a Calgary pest control company, you want to make sure you get one that cares about you and your problem. The first step you should always take is doing research. Start by checking their online presence, reading reviews and even making a few phone calls.

Licencing, certifications, and safety insurance measures, along with warranties, are the types of business points to list and consider in your decision-making process.

Make An Action Plan

After you have your information analyzed, a good choice should stand out from the others. At this point, you should be feeling confident that your choice will bring a solution to your pest problem. Make the call to your chosen pest control company.

Ask for a written contract for services, fees, and guarantees. Discuss the services requested and set a date for service. Ask about preparation in the home before their visit. Also, find out what they do to get the home back to normal after treatment. Make sure you discuss what happens if the pest problems reoccur.

Some companies will come back and re-treat for free, and others will charge you again for multiple treatments. If the company is resistant to provide this, reconsider your choice, and go to the next quality pest control choice on your list.

Set Realistic Goals

Sometimes you expect the pests to magically disappear and never be seen again after a pest control treatment plan. Mother Nature has an odd sense of humour and often makes sure things don’t always go as we expect. You will probably have a few stragglers for a few weeks after treatment, but if pests are still active, call the company back and make sure they honour the extermination warranty outlined in your contract.

Or you may assume that the pest control operator will clean everything up when he leaves. In your question session, make sure you find out how effective each treatment is and what to expect at its conclusion. Some companies require you to arrange for pre and post-treatment preparation and cleanup. 

Review How Effective You Think The Company Was

Once the pests are gone, review the entire process and consider if it resolved your concerns, or whether you could have improved on any areas. Save the number of a great service provider in your phone for your household services index.

You may even want to post a compliment on their website. Conversely, don’t be afraid to post negative comments for terrible service on websites and register your problem with the Better Business Bureau. Reputable services will always put customers first and strive to problem solve disagreements.

Remember, you are in control and have the right to excellent service under your contract terms, for the money paid to any pest control service.


If you need help with a pest or insect problem, reach out to Martin’s Pest Control today. Also check out our other blogs for more useful tips, including pest control for homeowners.