American Cockroach:  Color- reddish-brown wings and light markings on its thorax  /   Size-up to 1.5 inches  /   Flying-Yes /   Antenna- Yes  /    Legs- Six

German cockroach:     Color-light brown with two dark stripes down its back     Size- between one-half and five-eighths inches long

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cockroaches are present in many areas of Calgary and Alberta.  They like dark, damp places where food is in good supply thus they are active under sinks, stoves, fridges and inside cupboards.  Because they feed on a wide variety of foods, it is difficult to cut off their food supply.  Cockroaches favor starchy, sugary items but will also eat book bindings, linens and leather while foraging at night and can survive a month or more without any food. Their presence alone is distasteful enough, but they also transfer a distinctly acrid odor which permeates everything they touch and can transmit bacteria responsible for diseases such as food poisoning, cholera, dysentery, salmonella and strep.  Exposure to these and cockroach allergens is a major health concern for parents of asthmatic children.