Echo K.

We were very happy with the prompt and courteous service we received this summer with our wasp problem. I had made the mistake of plugging the hole where the nest was on the outside of the house and when I talked to Bill he told me to evacuate the house or unplug it because they were now going to find a way into the house and we would be over run by wasps in the house. He also said he was going to have to come over right away instead of in a few days.
I made the decision to unplug the hole, albeit a very tense scary situation with the wasps flying around me.
I put on a leather coat, pants, balaclava and proceeded to take the tape off the hole that I had put there only a half hour earlier and phone Bill back to let him know I had done it. They had started to swarm the hole and were mad all over the yard.

Bill said he was still going to come over that day in he came like the Calvary rectifing the situation. Needless to say we were more then happy to pay whatever it was going to cost and found the price very very reasonable considering what it could have been had I not unplugged the hole.

Thanks Bill once again from saving us from utter disaster and an even higher exterminator bill. I have recommended you to all my friends and have given them all very sensible advice from Bill which is NOT to plug the wasp hole if you find one.