Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal Moth – Plodia Interpunctella

Color-wings are bi-colored the outer 2/3 coppery or bronze and the inner 1/3 light gray   Size-1/4-3/8inch

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Caterpillar-    Color- cream with yellowish-green or pinkish shades, dark brown head      Size-up to 2/3 inch

This moth is a stored product pest, found in homes and grocery stores.  The caterpillar stage feeds on nuts, herbs, coarsely ground grains and fruits which are accessible as the caterpillars are capable of chewing through plastic bags and thin cardboard. The caterpillars can seriously damage food items and the adult moths are an irritant as they fly through the store. All stages of the Indian meal moth may be found in Calgary area homes and businesses