Loren M.

I am a resident manager in Mission in Calgary and deal with tons of contractors and various companies for all kinds of work. As a Calgarian for the past 30 years I have found customer service is diminishing and good customer service is almost impossible to find. I asked a few friends about who to use for wasp nest removal as we had 4 nests form after the flood in and around the house. Paul Basi said he dealt with Martin through advertising at the Calgary Herald and said he was a nice guy and to call him. If i hear a company has nice people they are the first ones I support.

Martin’s was by far the friendliest, efficient and effective I have dealt with. I think the gentleman that helped me was named Tyler (please double check your records so the right person gets the credit). He was polite and friendly on the phone and talked to me like a real person. He went out the day I called (in between other clients) and got rid of wasp nests for me. He made it easy for me as I was stuck at work all day so he just went out and did the work and took payment over the phone which was very convenient for my busy lifestyle. I will recommend Martin’s to everyone who asks and appreciate how you run your business.