Common millipede:          Color-Dark reddish brown, tan     /    Shape-somewhat rounded, worm-like    /     Size-2.5cm-6cm  /   Legs-2 on each body segment, more than 15 pairs   /    Antenna-No     /     Flying- No

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Greenhouse millipede:   Color-light tan    Shape- moderately flattened from top to bottom       Size-2.5-6cm    Legs-2 on each body segment, more than 15 pairs      Antenna-No          Flying-No      Characteristics- small ridges along the sides of each body segment       Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Millipedes are commonly found in damp locations such as in potted houseplants, greenhouses, garages, basements and lower levels.  They feed on damp and decaying vegetable matter and prefer to stay in moist locations but may wander into any part of the house.  Being most active at night, they can enter a home through cracks, doors and windows but are most commonly found under wood piles, leaves and other organic debris in the Calgary area.  Not dangerous, they are an alarming and unwanted house guest.