Moth Fly – Psychodidae

Moth Fly

Color-Gray   /  Legs-Four    /  Shape-Oval     / Size-Less than 5mm    /   Antenna-Yes, long and pronounced  /   Flying- Yes

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Moth flies are insects also known as drain flies. They prefer slow-moving drains for their feeding and breeding site, eating the gelatinous sludge found in the pipes.  The moth fly resembles a tiny moth with a covering of long hairs on the body and wings.  Because they are not avid flyers, they are often seen crawling along walls or flying only a few feet at a time. In the Calgary area they naturally congregate on foliage in swamplands.  Moth flies are a nuisance en masse in a residence but more importantly, their presence relays a bigger problem is in the area, the problem of sanitation.