Phorid Fly – Phoridae

Phorid Fly


Color-Tan/Light abdomen with Black/Brown Eyes     / Legs-Six   /  Shape-Oval  / Size-3 mm  /  Antenna-No   /  Flying-Yes   /     Unique Characteristics- pronounced humped area behind the head

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

These flies are often mistaken for fruit flies so pay careful attention to identifying factors and habits.  Phorid flies tend to thoroughly disperse through buildings because they can develop on a variety of decaying materials, both plant and animal.  A common food source in Calgary restaurants is the damp, organic material that builds up in drains. Phorid flies are found in unsanitary conditions thus give evidence of a health concern.  In a 3-4 week life cycle, a phorid fly will lay a few hundred eggs.  With this in mind, a misdiagnosed fly will quickly result in an epidemic population increase which can be both embarrassing and costly to eliminate.