Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (Gopher)

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (Gopher) -Spermophilus Richardsonii

Size-5-12inches  /   Color-Tan/brown with a white underbelly    /    Feet-Four    /   Characteristics-Large front teeth and big puffy cheeks

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Gophers are subterranean rodents which can devour or destroy your lawn, garden or crops.  They live in colonies in the Calgary area so where there is one there will be more.  That said, most people see the damage they leave behind rather than the gopher because they are reclusive. They are active during all parts of the day and hibernate during the winter months.  What makes gophers such a nuisance is their voracious appetite and their digging. They leave holes in your lawn and pastures with the tunnels that they dig underground.  This can cause animals to break their legs on the uneven ground and flowerbeds and gardens are destroyed from the roots up.