Spring 2016 mice and flies

Mice and flies are back. Winter looks like it is pretty much over. Many people  say not to discuss it as the snow can come back in March.This year , the winter has not been able to make much of a foothold over us. We are observing plenty of calls about mice issues and flies right now. Remember , before you clean up those mouse droppings, wear the proper safety gear. Every year in the Calgary area, deer mice can leave an awful mess in those storage sheds and garages, even if they never made it into your house.The attics are also getting warmer, which means all of those fly issues. Some callers are already reporting hundreds of flies in their living space. We have options to prevent this issue in the Calgary area. Pest Control is what makes us tick. Of course you can always call us, as we can do the dirty work for you, giving you more time to enjoy the warmer weather . 403 460 7213 , we are always ready to help.