Color-Red, brown, black, gray   / Tail- Long and fluffy  /  Legs-Four

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

When living in the Calgary area trees, squirrels are not harmful, but they can be very messy, chase away desired wildlife such as birds, and invade your home. Squirrels can squeeze through small gaps, often chewing to get in, and will set up their nests in your walls and attic. Squirrels can die in hard to reach a place leaving a smell that permeates the house and alive, their urine and droppings smell horribly and will seep into the wood in your attic. Squirrels rip up insulation, gnaw through many structural materials, and bring in debris. Squirrels build their nests out of dry, easily ignitable materials such as twigs, hair and cloth and have been knows to chew on wires. In this they create an environment of fuel and ignitor, a definite safety hazard. Many people attempt to use mouse poison if they are in an attic, this is not only illegal , but ineffective.