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Confused Flour Beetle-Tribolium Confusum

Color-Red    /  Size-0.1inches    /  Legs-Six    /      Antenna-Yes, gradually increase in size        Flying-No

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Larvae-    Color-off white    /   Size- 3/16 inch   /   Characteristics- two horny projections on the end of the abdomen.

The confused beetle is mainly present in cracked grain where there is some fine material present. In the home the infested products may include cereal products such as flour, cake mix, cornmeal, crackers, dry pet food, chocolate, nuts and bird seed.  The insects may be in unopened boxes or containers and they can hide in cracks and crevices in floors and cupboards.  Grain with large numbers of these insects has a pungent, undesirable odor.

Rusty Grain Beetle-Tribolium Castaneum

Color-Red  /     Size-0.1 inch long  /  Antenna-Yes, last 3 segments are abruptly larger       Flying-No   Legs-Six

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Larvae-    Color-Off white    /     Size-3/16 inch  /    Characteristics- two horny projections on the end of the abdomen.

The red flour beetle is a common pest in graineries and flour mills as well as homes and businesses.  Originating from infested grain, the adult beetles often wander away from the infested material and may be found inside cupboards or anywhere in the home or business. The rusty red beetle is found frequently in stored wheat thus an infestation may be evident in bagged flour, cereals and other processed grain products. The eggs are deposited on the grain and after hatching the larvae usually feed in the germ layer of the wheat kernel.   This insect does not require broken kernels or fine material to survive. We treat these in grain bins by fumigation.