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At Martin’s Pest Control, our pest removal services include treating your trees for pests. Several tree bugs are common in the Calgary area. Aphids, spiders, mites, mud worms, caterpillars, leaf rollers, leafhoppers, leaf miners, and scale, are among that list.

Tree pest control treatment can be done in two ways. The first is by spraying trees and shrubs with an environmentally safe spray that will get rid of aphids or other tree bugs. The spray used is dependent on the type of pest and infestation. It’s also essential to spray at the right time of the pests’ life cycle.

The second option is tree injections. This method involves injecting the tree with a precise mixture of a pesticide formulation created for the pest affecting the tree. Because the pesticide is put right into the tree, there is no impact on the environment around it.

Tree Pest Control Specialists

At Martin’s Pest Control, our team of professional Calgary area exterminators will assess the type of bug affecting your trees and create a plan to eradicate them successfully. Because fruit trees are especially prone to disease and infestation, it’s important to keep an eye on them and stop an outbreak early. If you think your trees have aphids, spiders, mites, mud worms, caterpillars, leaf rollers, leafhoppers, leaf miners or scale, book an appointment with us today.


Scale are tiny little insects that have no arms or legs that are born with protective armor. Often introduced by birds, these pests will cling to a tree and stay there forever, literally sucking the life out of them. As it gets older, the scale will lay eggs, and the tree, if left untreated, will be covered in bugs.

Elm Scale is a common form of tree pests in Alberta. Without regularly inspecting your elm trees, the damage may not be apparent until the infestation is high. Leaf discolouration and early leaf drop, twig and branch dieback, and sticky honeydew dropping from the tree canopy are all signs of a scale infestation.

A Look A Few Common Tree Bugs

Aphids on a plant - tree pest control


Tiny, pear-shaped insects, aphids are commonly green, but can also be brown, grey, black or pink. Because the females can reproduce without mating, they can quickly populate. Aphids feed by sucking the sap out of a plant. However, because it only uses a few of the nutrients, it leaves affected trees with an excretion known as honeydew. The fungus can grow on the honeydew and can create a black scum that sticks to anything under the infested trees. The scum can be washed off with soap and water. Losing the sap, though, will weaken the plant, with flowers and vegetables often unable to recover.

Spider Mites

Spider mites are among the most common garden pest. The spider tree mite is in the same class as spiders and is also closely related to ticks. Like other spiders, they build webbing on plants. They will suck on the tissues in the leaves, damaging the plant. An infestation of spider tree mites can quickly get out of control as the female lives two to four weeks and will lay up to 20 eggs per day during that time.

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