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Mouse Control

The house mouse & deer mouse

The two most popular mouse breeds in Calgary are the house and deer mouse. Generally speaking, the house mouse can breed quite rapidly. It also adapts quickly to any changing conditions. On the other hand, the deer mouse prefer living outdoors under sheltered areas. Both species can be extremely destructive.

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Licensed fumigation specialist

The word fumigation is misunderstood by many people. Effective fumigation is the introduction of fumigant as a gas to control all pests in a specific enclosed area. With that said, fumigant gasses are “wide-spectrum” pesticides. They control all species of arthropods and rodents that are likely to be found in a building.

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Insect Control

Insect & pest control Services

We can help you get rid of any crawling or flying insects in your home, business, or commercial space. This includes indoor and outdoor insect control. In Calgary, the primary insect pests are normally carpet beetles, blowflies, house flies, the clothes moth, and many more. We aim to provide an insect-free, healthy environment for the people you care about.

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Pest Prevention

Proactive pest prevention services

As with any proactive program, monthly inspections and preventative treatments are necessary to keep your home or business pest-free. Martin’s Pest Control will proactively treat for seasonal pests. We do this so you can live without the invasion some homeowners or business owners experience when a proactive program isn’t in place.

About Martin's Pest Control

Professional Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services


As a family-owned business operating in Calgary, Martin’s Pest Control believes in providing exceptional customer service. Our clients are often calling us in a panic over a pest problem, which is why they need a professional, friendly voice on the other side of the phone. We believe in building trust with our customers, while also giving them peace of mind that their pest problem will be dealt with quickly.  

Our professional Calgary exterminators are Alberta licensed and receive on-going training. In fact, we make sure our they remain leaders in our industry.

One way we do this is by using the latest treatment techniques and developments available in pest control. Our residential and commercial pest control services and programs will have you living pest-free in no time.

Our services are designed to accommodate a wide range of residential and commercial clients quickly and efficiently. With our training, experience, and resources, our knowledgeable exterminators can eliminate all types of destructive pests, protecting your home or business.

Our P3 ‘Personalized Protective Program’ approach acts as a guide for our technicians. When you call Martin’s Pest Control, we will evaluate your home or business and pinpoint the source of the problem.

Every pest problem is different, which is why we provide a range of personalized programs to meet your needs. The level of treatment required can depend on several factors. 

Personalized Approach

Using our P3 approach, we create a strategic plan to keep you pest-free and worry-free. Our expert exterminators monitor pest activity and respond promptly to your calls.

Pests can disrupt your peace of mind, destroy gardens, property structures, and contaminate fabrics, food, and more. No matter what species may be invading your home or business, our licensed exterminators can find and control it. When pests are taking over your life, we want to help.

Best of all, when you work with Martin’s Pest Control, you can enjoy the advantage of knowledgeable staff working for you. Our phone is answered locally by local people. Your money stays in the community and keeps local people employed. The same technician will regularly visit so you will always see a familiar face.

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    Jody Johnson - Homeowner

    Bill, of Martin’s Pest Control, was very quick to reply and respond to our request to deal with a mouse infestation…
    5 star pest control service

    Peter Schurmann - Maintenance Manager

    Martin’s Pest Control does the pest control for the school and they do an awesome job. Plus their price is very competitive.
    5 star pest control service

    Catherine Gibbs - Homeowner

    ABE of Martin’s Pet Control is an outstanding exterminator! ABE took care of my 80 yr mother’s mice and spider problem at her home…
    5 star pest control service

    Pamela Beryl - Commercial

    I worked with Martin’s Pest Control Inc at the company I was employed with and he provided outstanding service for a large organization…
    5 star pest control service
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