a vole


Do you have a vole problem? Though prominently abundant in the prairies, killing off cereal crops, they pose a huge challenge to Calgary yards. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage to landscaping. However, these pesky critters can be stopped when taken care of properly. At Martin’s Pest Control, we know exactly how to help you out.

Though voles may be mistaken for field mice because of the similar appearance, they are more similarly related to the muskrat. These small varmints are a dark grey-brown with small black beady eyes.

They are a bit larger than the average house mouse but also stockier with short stubby legs and shorter tail. Voles rarely live longer than 12 months but have a high breeding rate, having 5-10 litters yearly.


Voles are known for tunneling as they live, breed, and store their food underground. These critters prefer being outside and will cause damage to your yard and garden as opposed to entering your household. Voles typically cause the most damage during the winter months as they stay close to the grounds surface tunneling below the snow, using the snow as insulation to keep warm.

When they tunnel, they damage the root systems in your yard causing any plant life to die. They also eat the vegetation on your property (grass, bulbs, tubers, and herbaceous plants, flowers, and root systems of trees and shrubs), which causes significant damage to your landscaping.

This damage frequently isn’t known until the weather warms and the snow melts, revealing gnawed up track marks all over your yard and dead flowers, trees and shrubs.

bank vole shooting out from its burrow
vield vole pulled up with two fingers


Voles are not harmful creatures physically; however, like mice, they can carry many diseases through their urine and feces. This can be very harmful to people and pets. It introduces parasites onto your property and if left long enough can become a breeding ground.

Getting rid of these varmints can be a hassle, but at Martin’s Pest Control, we specialize in vole control, infestations, and any general vole issues you may be having on your property. Our professionals can inspect your property to know where the voles are living to get to the source of the issue so they can be removed safely and stay gone.

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