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Fumigation is also an effective solution to eradicate any unwanted pests. This extermination method will handle any pests in residential homes, shipping containers, transportation vessels, and also commercial buildings. With that said, fumigation services are considered essential when dealing with a large area infested with insects or rodents.

Generally speaking, fumigation services are also beneficial if you’re importing or exporting goods across the Canadian borders. Because of any international transportation of shipping containers or transportation vessels, it’s crucial to ensure that no alien or foreign pests on board. We offer shipping container fumigation and inspection.

What Is Fumigation

The majority of the population often misunderstands the word fumigation. Effective fumigation is the introduction of a fumigant as a gas. Ultimately, this fumigant gas eradicates all pests in a specific enclosed area. In general, these gasses are odorless and therefore do not leave behind any hazardous material once the process is complete.

Additionally, each situation and scenario is unique. Therefore, part of our process is to determine which pest removal solution will work for any given situation. Generally, the process consists of a variety of different chemicals aimed at removing unwanted pests. As a result, it is a quick and easy solution to deal with pests within a residential home or commercial building.

The extermination process is also ideal for penetrating walls within a building or structure. Ultimately, the gasses penetrate to the centre of tightly packed commodities. Some of those commodities are tobacco in hogsheads (large storage barrels), bales, cases, or grain in large silos or bulk bins.

We're Here For What Bugs You

We are licensed to deal with any fumigation matter. We also have more than a decade of experience dealing with residential homes, commercial buildings, and shipping containers’ fumigation needs. For us, it’s important to help you get control of your pest problems. Not only do we take care of any unwanted pests, but we also guide our clients through a proactive preventative solution.

Fumigation Services

  • Chamber & vault fumigation.
  • Vehicle fumigation: railroad cars, trucks, and also vans.
  • Spot fumigation.
  • Shipboard, in transit ship fumigation.
  • Rodent burrow fumigation.
  • Vacuum chamber fumigation.
  • Tarpaulin fumigation.
  • Empty building fumigation. This includes warehouses, grain elevators, food processing plants, mills, and also restaurants.
  • Farm grain storage fumigation.

The Chemicals We Use

  • Methyl bromide.
  • Sulfuryl fluoride (vikane).
  • Carbon dioxide.
  • Phosphine (aluminum phosphide & magnesium phosphide & eco2fume)

Residential Pest Control Services

Rodent control, insect control, bird control and more

pest control mouse

Mouse Control

The house mouse & deer mouse

A mouse infestation can be a burden for your family. We can help get rid of your mouse problem for good and recommend preventative measures.

pest control bug

Insect Control

Insect & pest control Services

Get in control of your insect or spider infestation. We also provide and recommend a number of preventative steps to exterminate the burden.

pest control fumigation

Bird Control

Bird control services

We provide bird control services. This also includes pest eradication services for pigeons, bat control and other winged wildlife.

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Rodent Control

Proactive Rodent Replant Services

Martin’s Pest Control also offers raccoon, squirrel and skunk control services. Our technicians follow the wildlife protection regulations.