The word fumigation is often misunderstood by the majority of the population. Effective fumigation is the introduction of fumigant as a gas to control all pests in an enclosed area. Fumigants are “wide-spectrum” pesticides, controlling all species of arthropods and rodents that are likely to be found in a building. They are also a volatile material whose vapors enter the insect’s body through the body wall or breathing system. Fumigants penetrate the many areas of a building not reached by sprays or dusts, even penetrating to the burrows of wood-infesting insects. It penetrates to the center of tightly packed commodities, such as tobacco in hogsheads (A large storage barrel), bales, cases or grain in large silos or bulking bins. A fumigant gas generally does not leave unsightly, odorous, or hazardous residues.

In the southern Alberta area, Martin’s pest control is available to fumigate, to achieve all your pest control needs, this service is effective to deal with any difficult pests.

The types of fumigation service and their methods currently in use are listed below.

Chamber and vault fumigation
Vehicle fumigation: railroad car, truck or van
Spot fumigation
Shipboard, in transit ship or fumigation
Rodent burrow fumigation
Vacuum chamber fumigation
Tarpaulin fumigation
Empty building fumigation: warehouse, grain elevator, food processing plant, mill, restaurant
Farm grain storage fumigation

Our specialty is stored product pests in grain but our fumigation service is an excellent way to quickly control any pest.  At Martin’s Pest Control we have the experience, certification and training to address all your fumigation service needs in Calgary and all of rural southern Alberta.