Pest Guide

Martin’s Pest Control pest guide is there to help you identify pests that could be found here in our beautiful Calgary region.

Our knowledgeable technicians have the training, experience, and resources to eliminate all types of destructive pests and protect your home or business.

We inspect your premises to evaluate and pinpoint exactly how to keep you pest-free and worry-free.

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Bats are mammals which are best described as resembling mice but with wings.


Unfortunately, bedbugs are alive and well in the Calgary area. Bed bugs like to live and feed in beds.


Calgary’s honey bees are an extremely important and beneficial insect because of their role in pollination.


The blowflys lay their eggs in rotting meat, dung, carrion, and open wounds. Also called bluebottle, they are a tenacious house guest in the Calgary area.


Bumblebees often nest in the ground in gardens and lawns.

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants excavate deteriorating, moist wood in order to build their nests but do not actually eat the wood.

Carpenter bee

Resembling bumblebees, they are different in that the top of their abdomen is hairless, often shiny, black.

Carpet Beetle

These pests eat carpets, woolen fabrics, dead insects, furs, hides, feathers, horns, hair, silk and bones.


Centipedes prefer residing in damp portions of basements, closets, crawl spaces and bathrooms.

Clothes Moth

Clothes moth’s larva (caterpillars) damage animal items, such as wool, fur, silk and feathers.

Cluster Fly

These large, black flies are predominantly a house pest from late fall to early spring in the Calgary area.


They are present in many areas of Calgary and Alberta. They like dark, damp places where food is in good supply.

Cornfield Ant

To the untrained eye they are recognizable by their habits more so than by their appearance.

Deer Mouse

The deer mouse prefers the outdoors in sheltered areas of Calgary such as hollow logs and piles of debris.


The long clippers, on their backsides easily identify an earwig. Earwigs hide during the day and feed on leaves, flowers, fruits, mold and insects at night.


The flea is a blood feeder of great concern because many pass along diseases.

Fruit fly

Fruit Fly Fruit Fly-Drosophila Melanogaster




The hornet colony is contained within the nest made of paper-like material made from chewed wood mixed with saliva.

House Fly

The most common fly found around Calgary homes, an adult house fly usually lives between 15 and 25 days.

House moth

The house moth eats grains, fruit, rotting wood, old textiles, and cereals. Attracted to light, they can be seen in groups around any light source at dusk in the Calgary area.

House Mouse

The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in the Calgary Area. They can breed rapidly and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Indian Meal Moth

This moth is a stored product pest, found in homes and grocery stores.


Millipedes are commonly found in damp locations such as in potted houseplants, greenhouses, garages, basements and lower levels.


Calgary is home to more than 20 of the 44 species of mosquito currently known to occur in Alberta .Are pesky mosquitoes and ticks ruining your outdoor enjoyment?

Moth Fly – Psychodidae

Moth flies are insects also known as drain flies.

Pavement Ant

Pavement ants make their nests in or under cracks in pavement in the Calgary area.

Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh ants can lay 400 or more eggs in a lifetime with an egg reaching maturity in 38 to 45 days.

Phorid Fly – Phoridae

These flies are often mistaken for fruit flies so pay careful attention to identifying factors and habits.


They are feral –domesticated animal gone back to being wild-and as such are very determined birds, living near humans in the Calgary area because of food.

Pocket Gopher

The pocket gopher is subterranean and reclusive as are other gophers in the Calgary area.


Porcupines are large nocturnal rodents which will create a den in any area it feels is safe, including the underside of decks, sheds, garages, and other outbuildings.


A highly intelligent animal, we have had some challenging times , dealing with these animals.


Norway rats live in fields, farm lands, structures and woodpiles in the Calgary area.

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (Gopher)

Gophers are subterranean rodents which can devour or destroy your lawn, garden or crops.


The most common skunk in Alberta is the Striped Skunk. They will live in residential Calgary areas, forests, fields, and any mixture of the above.

Sow Bug

Sowbugs are crustaceans which live in damp habitats within the Calgary area.


There are about 3,000species in Canada. All spiders are predators, feeding mainly on insects.


When living in the Calgary area trees, squirrels are not harmful, but they can be very messy, chase away desired wildlife such as birds, and invade your home.

Stored Product

The confused Beetle is mainly present in cracked graind and the red flour beetle is a common pest in graineries and flour mills as well as homes and businesses.