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Don’t Let Wasps Ruin Your Summer Entertaining

Posted on September 24, 2019

Ah summer, the perfect time to fire up the BBQ and invite guests over for dinner. All is going well until those darn wasps show up and want their piece of the steak.

Wasps are drawn to protein and sugar, so your BBQ creations are like an invitation to them. While your first impulse is to swat them away, experts say that is a mistake. Swatting at them will cause the wasp to go into fight mode. Furthermore, it exudes a pheromone that signals its buddies to join the fight. That’s why it usually starts with one, and then a whole group shows up.

DIY Wasp Control Strategies

There are various wasp control methods. One is a yellowjacket trap that use sugar water to attract them and traps or drowns them so they can’t get out. Some people put up the paper bags that look like a wasps nest, which signal the wasp it is in someone else’s territory. Some say cut up cucumber deters them, as they don’t like the smell.

There are several types of wasps found in Alberta, including yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps. Some wasps live alone while others live in a colony with a queen. They all make paper-like nests. The nest may be a small cone shape for a single wasp or a large paper nest for a colony. The clever fellas hide nests underground, under decks, front steps, and porch roofs. Some will even build in house walls and attics. You may need to call in a professional pest exterminator to locate the nests, especially if they are hidden or hard to get at.

Removing A Wasp Nest Is Best Left To The Pros

There are methods to remove the nests, but it is best left to a professional pest control company. They have the right tools, sprays, and experience to eliminate the problem without anyone getting hurt. The extermination technicians will also come back to check that the issue is resolved.

Wasps can become a real safety hazard if disturbed. These pests will swarm and sting. Wasps retain their stingers after they sting, so often you can get multiple stings from just one wasp.

What To Do If You’re Stung

Many people will experience swelling and itching if stung. It is best to clean the sting site as soon as you can. Ice packs and antihistamines can be helpful to reduce the swelling. Anti-itch cream can also be applied. Some people are allergic to wasp stings and should have an epi-pen handy in summer outdoor situations. For extreme circumstances or for those with who suffer a serious allergic reaction, it is best to call or go to emergency services.

Wasps Aren’t All Bad

Wasps are really beneficial in the garden. They eat other bugs that cause harm to plants. Sometimes people confuse bees with wasps. To protect the dwindling bee population, a professional pest exterminator will first identify the pest. If it is bees, the company will arrange for the removal.