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Rising Wasp Numbers In Calgary

Posted on January 4, 2021
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Calgary residents are familiar with late summer bringing an influx of wasps. This is because wasp lay their eggs at the beginning of summer. As they begin to mature, we see more of them flying around. However, this summer brought a massive boom of wasp populations. You may have noticed it was difficult to find wasp sprays in stores during the last month. Everyone tries to deal with these annoying critters with various wasp control methods, including the popular spray.

There are a variety of factors contributing to why we’re seeing an influx in wasps this year. Martin’s Pest Control owner, Bill Martin, was recently featured as an expert on Global News discussing why we’re seeing extra wasps this summer.

Bill believes there are several reasons why we’re seeing more wasps lately. One of the biggest reasons is that people are doing COVID-19 home renovation projects and uncovering hidden wasp nests. The wet spring weather and heat combination also facilitated more insects and more food for the wasps. The wasps’ nests from earlier this year were larger than usual.

a wasp
Removing Wasp Nests

Getting rid of a wasp nest can be difficult and scary. Hiring a professional pest control company is the best approach. When you fail to remove a wasp nest properly, you run the risk of angering the whole nest and becoming a target. While wasp stings are not lethal unless you’re allergic, they certainly are painful and annoying. To avoid putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, call an exterminator to help you deal with the nest.

If you want to handle the nest yourself, there are a couple of safe options. It’s best to spray the nest during the night when they’re less active, and while you’re wearing the right protection. Even if you don’t plan on hiring a professional to deal with your wasp problem, we recommend you call one for advice before you do anything.

Never try to burn a wasp nest. There are many risks with burning a wasp nest, including possible property damage. Because the nest is made from a papery material, it is undoubtedly extremely flammable, but you run the risk of setting your house on fire. You could also potentially inflict severe burns on yourself if you’re using a fire accelerant like gasoline. The nest could also fall on you while it’s on fire, causing personal injury.

Keeping Wasps Away While You're Outside

You have probably noticed wasps persistently buzzing around you while trying to eat out on a patio, in your backyard, or while on a picnic. The reason for the number of extra wasps flying around this year has likely created a scarcity in resources. When you’re eating foods containing sugar or protein, the wasps are interested so they can try and feed their young larvae.

So, how do you deal with this? Swatting at them or waving your arms around will likely anger the bugs. There are many easy ways to keep wasps at bay, including wearing darker colours and avoiding floral or fruity scented perfume. When you wear lighter colours and sweet-smelling perfume, wasps might think you’re an excellent food source to investigate.

You can also buy commercial traps or create your own using a pop bottle and sugar water. The sugar water will attract the wasps, and they’ll get stuck in the bottle.

Should You Get Rid Of The Wasps?

Like everything else, wasps have their own role in the ecosystem. Because they eat other insects, they do help keep other bug populations down. Keeping other insects at bay means your garden and plants will stay happy. Other bugs will eat your plants, so keeping them at a lower population in your backyard will keep your plants from dying.

The most important thing when planning to get rid of a wasp nest is to do so safely. Whether you contact a professional pest control company or not, finding a way to keep you and your home safe is essential.

As we move into the chillier fall months, it’s also important to note that our wasp problems will likely cease to be a problem soon. Most wasps die during the winter, except for the queens who will hibernate until it’s warm again. Nature will take care of our recent influx in wasps, and we won’t have to worry about them again until next summer.

Need to deal with a wasp infestation or nest in the Calgary or Airdrie area safely? Martin’s Pest Control can help you get those wasps under control. Contact us,and we’ll take a look at your pests today!