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Winter Pest Control

Posted on February 8, 2021
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If you are an Albertan who thinks pests are a summer problem, think again! Although we don’t see many bugs thanks to our cold winters, winter pest control is necessary. Having an action plan for winter pests is just as important. This article will outline three common winter pests found in Alberta. We will outline helpful prevention methods and when you should consider calling a professional.

Common Pests In Winter

First, let’s talk about common winter pests. Below are some common pests found in Alberta during the winter. Being able to identify each pest will help you solve your pest control problem faster.


Cockroaches prefer warmer temperatures over the cold. So, when the temperature drops, this pest will nestle into your home. Cockroaches are reddish-brown or light brown and can fly. You can find them in dark, damp places around the house.

One way to identify if you have a cockroach infestation is the smell. Cockroaches transfer an acrid odour on everything they touch. If you have asthma, this pest can trigger that too. Cockroaches like sugary foods, which means you might find them around your kitchen. Check under the sink, behind the fridge, or in your cupboards if you suspect you have a cockroach problem.


Like cockroaches, spiders seek dark and damp places as well. Garages, basements, or corners of rooms are great places for spiders to build their webs. Sometimes it may be an odd spider here or there, and removing them can solve the issue. However, if you see a new spider or web every day, do not ignore it. This is one sign you have an infestation. Calgary is home to several different spider species. Check out this complete guide for more on spiders.

Carpenter Ant

The third most common winter pest is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are red or black and able to fly. This pest will enter through windows, holes in foundations or on firewood you bring inside. The most significant problem carpenter ants cause is destroying moist wood. This can ruin the structural integrity of your home.

They do this when building their nests and can be found in roofs, windowsills, or porch pillars. If left unchecked, this can also cause structural damage to your home. One way to see if you have an infestation is if you find small piles of sawdust around these areas. While carpenter ants don’t eat the wood they destroy, they will look for sweet foods inside your home. The easiest winter pest control is removing food sources for the pests.


These four simple prevention methods are easy ways to keep winter pests away.

Remove Food Sources

The warmth of your home and supply of food attracts many bugs. Keeping food tightly sealed and put away is an easy way to keep them at bay. If you have a compost bin inside, be sure to regularly empty it or even keep it outside altogether.

Remove Rotting Wood

Wet and damp places are popular among pests. Wood exposed to rain and snow will rot over time and make it easier for pests to enter. As mentioned earlier, carpenter ants, for example, are attracted to the exposed wood. Because many winter pests are looking for warm shelter, they won’t want to leave once they get in. Sealing points of entry and removing rotting wood will stop them from entering your home.

Reduce Moisture

During the wintertime, it can be harder to keep areas of your home well ventilated. Nobody wants to be opening all the windows when it’s below zero outside. Using a dehumidifier to reduce moisture is another way to prevent pests who like damp places. Fixing any plumbing issues like leaky faucets should also help with prevention. You can also use a fan to keep the area well ventilated.


Disinfecting high touch areas in your home, such as countertops, is essential. Many pests carry diseases that can make you sick. Cockroaches, for example, can contaminate food with bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

To sum it up, regular cleaning is a great way to help freshen up your home and also prevent pests. We recommend deep cleaning areas that normally get overlooked, like the basement or inside cupboards.

When To Call Pest Control Services

Even with prevention, sometimes winter pest control is necessary. If you find the problem early, at home pesticide options can help. However, looking through shelves and shelves of insect-killing sprays and traps can be a stressful task. Which one is good? What will work for my problem? Is this spray safe for my family?

If you are unsure, calling a pest control professional is the best course of action. Depending on how bad the infestation is, eradication can take time. Most importantly, do not leave the problem until the spring. Professionals know which methods will work best for each unique situation.

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