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Do you want to get rid of bats from your Calgary or southern Alberta property? At Martin’s Pest Control we know dealing with bat removal can be challenging. Because bats are an important part of the ecosystem, largely due to their role in eating insects, we want to make sure to remove them safely.

Little brown bats and big brown bats are two of the common types found around southern Alberta. The little brown bat has a small body, glossy brown fur and is mouse-eared. It tends to hibernate in colonies. The little brown bat will rest throughout the day and at dusk will emerge from its roost to begin foraging for food. Later in the night the little brown bat will leave the roost once again to find more food.

Big brown bats are considered larger than other species of bat. Their dorsal fur is a glossy, reddish brown colour and the ventral fur is lighter brown. Other parts of the bat, like the snout, uropatagium, ears and wing membrane are hairless and black. Big brown bats are also nocturnal, coming out to feed only at night. In the winter they will hibernate, but in the summer they will breed.

Harmful Diseases

Bat guano, otherwise known as bat droppings, contain diseases harmful to humans if breathed in. This includes histoplasmosis, which primarily affects the lungs. Guano will attract other pests such as cockroaches into your home. Another concern with bats is the transfer of rabies to pets and damage to your home. Besides leaving droppings everywhere, bats will also claw and chew their way into your walls to create a nesting spot.

However, bats to have an important role to play. That’s why our bat control services focus on removing and relocating the bats. As with any pest there are several options available, which is why the first step is always calling Martin’s Pest Control so we can create a plan specific to your home or property and your pest problem.

There are several ways to solve your bird infestation problem. The first step is to have our trained technicians at Martin’s Pest Control come out to your residential or commercial property for an assessment. Some birds look very similar so identifying the species will allow us to put together a proactive plan for your home. Once identified, some of our bird removal options include woodpecker flashers, one-way bird doors, bird spikes or bird wires.