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While plenty of birds are considered beautiful to watch and listen to, you might change your tune if they get into your home or business. Bird infestations can cause havoc to your home or commercial property. Their acidic droppings will also damage vehicle paint.

Additionally, bird droppings contain a dangerous bacterium, histoplasmosis. This bacterium can cause an infection when breathing in the spores of a fungus found in both bird and bat droppings. This disease can lead to flu-like symptoms, blood abnormalities, eye-irritation, or pneumonia. This is just one of many potential diseases’ humans can contract from bird droppings.

Problem Bird Species

Some of the worst offenders are pigeons. Found throughout the city, pigeons cause extensive damage everywhere they roost. In residential properties, pigeons will sit upon rooftops and/or gutters. They’ll also tear into the soffit to make a home on the interior of the roofline.

If you’re looking for a company that offers pigeon control in Calgary, Martin’s Pest Control can help you humanely get rid of unwanted feathered pests. Magpies, Sparrows, Swallows, and Woodpeckers are all on the list to watch out for. 

Magpies are a part of the crow family. These colourful and smart birds will get into anything they can. Pet food, loose garbage, or leftovers often disappear or are strewn throughout a property. 

Known for ‘drumming’ on trees with their beaks to communicate, woodpeckers will commonly roost in the holes they carve in a tree or residential homes and commercial buildings. While small and pleasant to look at, sparrows often gather in large flocks and can quickly contaminate an area with their disease-ridden droppings.

Swallows belong to the same family of birds as sparrows but are more colourful with their blue feathers. Just like sparrows, their droppings can hurt human health. This is why humane bird removal solutions should be put in place before your bird problem becomes a bird infestation.

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Bird Removal Options

There are several ways to solve your bird infestation problem. The first step is to have our trained technicians at Martin’s Pest Control come out to your property for an assessment.

Some birds look very similar, so correctly identifying the species will allow us to put together a proactive plan. Once identified, some of our bird removal options include woodpecker flashers, one-way bird doors, bird spikes, or bird wires.