House & Deer Mouse Control

The Deer Mouse

P. Manuculatus & P. Leucopus


The deer mouse prefers outdoor areas rather than indoor areas. In fact, the deer mouse is prone to shelter in outdoor areas such as hollow logs and piles of debris. The deer mouse, also known as the Peromyscus, is a set breed of rodents. It’s important to note that these rodents are identifiable or distinguishable by their relatively large, dark black eyes.

In most cases, these rodents have a two-tone colour, with darker brown or black on the backside and white on the front or abdominal area. P. Manuculatus and P. Leucopus are the most common rodent species of deer mice in Northern America.

Deer mice have recently become notorious for carrying the hantavirus. The hantavirus usually infects certain rodents, but the virus does not cause disease to them directly.

In some cases, humans can get infected with the hantavirus through direct contact with feces, saliva, or the rodent’s urine. The deer mouse can also be a carrier of other diseases. Those diseases include lime disease, ehrlichiosis, and babesiosis.

A mouse infestation can be a huge burden not only for your family but also for your beloved pets. At Martin’s Pest Control, we specialize in mouse control, infestations and any related general mouse problems.

The House Mouse

Most common rodent pest in Calgary


The most common rodent found in the Calgary area is the house mouse. They breed rapidly and can quickly adapt to changing conditions. These types of rodents are identifiable by their pointed snout, long hairy tail, and large, flat, yet rounded ears. With that said, the house mouse is considered a wild animal.

However, they have benefited from human habitation. In most cases, the house mouse lives in small, cramped spaces and building structures. They are also present in outdoor areas but predominately live indoors, especially in Calgary’s cold winter seasons.

Generally speaking, house mice are attracted to warmth and active food sources. Restaurants and residential kitchens are a primary breeding ground for this rodent.

Even without open doors, they can enter a building through a hole the diameter of a pencil, bringing in fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. Overall, mice chew through and contaminate what they come in contact with. Microdroplets of their urine left around a home can also cause allergies in children.

As part of our consultation, we try and determine where the mouse infestation is in your home, office, or commercial building. From there we create a mouse control plan to eliminate the problem. We also specialize in proactive mouse prevention products and services.

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The house mouse & deer mouse

A mouse infestation can be a huge burden to you and your family. We can help you get rid of your mouse problem for good.

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