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When you have rodents taking over your residential home or local business you want Calgary’s best exterminator on the job to get rid of the problem. At Martin’s Pest Control we offer several pest control services to southern Alberta, including rodent control.

Everything we do begins based off our PPP plan, which stands for Personalized Proactive Program. This means we provide a thorough inspection of your home or commercial property to determine what rodents have become a problem. Then our pest control technicians will develop an individualized plan and strategy that will take care of your rodent control problem.

Roughly 40% of all mammals are part of the rodent family otherwise known as Rodentia. Rodents can be found in almost every country on this planet except for Antarctica. In most situations’ rodents are an extreme pest to human habitation.

In most cases rodents are small mammals with long tails, robust bodies, short limbs and large teeth.  In fact, a rodent’s extremely sharp teeth are probably the most important commodity it has. Not only can the sharp teeth be used for defending themselves, but it can also be used to excavation and destroying anything in its way. 

The primary diet for most rodents is plant-based materials. Some rodent’s do however have a more specific diet however, the diet will still consist of plant materials. Rodents for the most part are social animals. In general, most species live in a complex, well structured society with specific ways of communication between each other.

Rodents which includes most rodent species can rapidly multiply in their lifetime. In fact, rodent’s pregnancy duration only lasts between 20 to 30 days. With that said, the pregnancy duration can create a litter of 6 to 14 at a time. At first, newborns only venture out of their nest once they have full functioning eye sight.  Once weaned off, they will start their own nest. It’s important to realize that rodents can and will take over and destroy a residential or commercial building.

Most rodents have advanced cognitive abilities. At the same time, rodents have the ability to quickly learn to avoid poisonous bait. Therefore, it’s important to get a well certified and experienced pest control company like Martin’s pest control.


Pocket Gopher

The pocket gopher is subterranean and reclusive as are other gophers in the Calgary area.  However it is a solitary animal and is most noted for its tell-tale mounds of dirt left above ground.  You might think someone has rototill your yard!


Skunks are mammals that are well known for spraying a very unpleasant liquid odor when they feel threatened. The liquid odor gets produced by their anal scent glands that are located below their furry tail. Skunks can only be found in North and South America. Furthermore, they are part of the weasel family and are related to the polecats.

Skunks are seen as solitary animals and only group together when mating. However, in winter season they may group together for warmth. Skunks have an excellent sense of smell, but they also have poor eyesight. It’s rare for a healthy skunk to bite humans unless infected with the rabies virus.

Skunks are omnivorous mammals. In fact, their diets mostly consist of eating both plant and or smaller animals. Their diet is largely dependent on seasons.