Clothes Moth

 Clothes Moth-Tinea Pellionella

Color- light gray to champaign, each front wing has three indistinct darker spots /   Size- 1/4-inch long body

Caterpillar- Color creamy white with a brown head.    /    Size-1/2-inch long at maturity.

Region- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Only the caterpillar feeds. Clothes moth’s larva (caterpillars) damage animal items, such as wool, fur, silk and feathers.    Textiles injured by clothes moths have holes eaten through them by tiny, white larvae and furs will have noticeably loose hairs. Materials in storage or kept in dark places such as a closet, attic, or drawer are most at risk by these insects. The adults enter through cracks around doors and windows in the Calgary area as they seek to avoid daylight.